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EPIC Leadership™

Our EPIC Leadership™ team coaching programs help leaders become collaborative, inclusive and generally more strategic problem solvers. Organizations use EPIC LeadershipTM coaching programs to increase team engagement, build organizational capacity and accelerate performance. 

How does
EPIC Leadership™ work?

Teams that practice EPIC Leadership™ empower each other. When applied to real life team challenges it provides clarity and skills for laser focused action. People can clearly articulate the value and perspectives each member brings to the table. This helps all members become more confident and motivated when they see their contributions recognized. 

Staff Meeting

Benefits of EPIC Leadership™

Psychological Safety & Emotional Proximity

What if your team experienced 27% greater connection? Anecdotal evidence suggests that teams that experience greater psychological safety and emotional proximity demonstrate greater care-taking of their peers. In one professional services firm, team members took care to hear out each other's ideas instead of dismissing them out of hand. In subsequent meetings, members spent more time exploring ideas needed to create innovative solutions for their global client base. 


Imagine your company experiencing over 3x revenue over peer organizations! Research has shown that the most resilient workers are also the most innovative ones, with 22% higher innovation scores. This is a crucial finding as organizations seek to adapt and innovate to emerge as market leaders in a post-pandemic world. In particular, we find that highly-resilient workers surpass their peers in finding new uses for existing products and processes. 

Immediate Impact

During Discovery Sessions and Team Workouts, teams learn how to operationalize business strategy with the full engagement of their teams. Leaders no longer have to wonder why strategies seem to languish. Instead they learn how to empower diverse ideas and elevate decision making through cultivated conflict and discussion. Team members in turn learn how to support the growth and development of their peers. 


Experience the benefits of building capacity with real-time practice and ongoing support. When teams practice EPIC Leadership™ they learn tools to cultivate conflict and coach each other for personal best. Leaders and teams learn to embed tools and habits into their workflow to mitigate common bias, triggers and blind spots so they have the resourcefulness to handle pivots and changes due to ongoing change and business disruptions. Organizations are trained to manage conflict proactively creating a virtuous cycle of commitment and accountability. 

With EPIC Leadership™ teams gain the tools, the understanding and the agency for their own growth and success.

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Experience the value of differences.

Colleagues Working Together


Practice using strengths and managing blindspots.


Instill shared vision.

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Coach and support for personal best.

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